Easy Vegan Falafel

This easy vegan falafel recipe is a favourite in our house and is a go-to for when we have company coming over. They come together in no time and are so flavourful and moist that your family and friends won’t believe that you made them at home! I also love how versatile this recipe is. … Read more

Green Mango Ginger Smoothie

I love the Christmas holidays and all the delicious food that comes with it, but I find I always need to put in a little effort to snap myself out holiday eating mode. I’m not into diet crazes or detoxes. Instead, I like to focus on eating healthy, diverse foods and make as much as … Read more

Look Whose Coming for Dinner: 5 Practical Tips for Hosting Vegetarians

Maybe you love meat. I mean really love meat. You’re the kind of person who never lets their barbecue stop running in the summer. All summer long, there is cloud of meat-y goodness wafting from your backyard… Then your daughter marries a vegetarian (“Hi, Mom!”) and thanksgiving is around the corner… or you make some … Read more

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Sometimes you just want comfort food. Maybe you’re like me and you associate comfort food with savoury herbs, potatoes, and a strong umami (meaty) flavour. That’s why I love this Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. It has all the delicious flavours of a traditional shepherd’s pie or turkey dinner and none of the meat. That’s also why … Read more

Classic Potato and Leek Soup

This Classic Potato and Leek Soup uses classic, simple French flavours and is all things I love about soup. It makes for a delicious lunch or light dinner and pairs great with good ol’ fashioned grilled cheese. The blended potatoes make the soup creamy and the rosemary and leeks add classic savoury flavours. It comes together … Read more

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