School-Safe Granola Bars

There wasn’t a lot that caught me off guard when I became a vegetarian. I had done my research. I read up on plant-based protein sources. I even started looking up balanced vegetarian recipes long before I ditched meat. But, there were some things I was not expecting – like how much I would miss … Read more

Picky Toddler Protein Cookies

I have a very picky toddler at home – a very picky vegetarian toddler, that is. Before I became a parent, I had grand dreams about how my kids’ would eat. They would love healthy foods and hate all things junk. What. A. Joke. I am convinced that kids are born loving junk food. Well, at … Read more

Kid-Approved Whole Wheat and Flax Seed Pancakes

If you know me, you know that I love breakfast. I think it is fitting, then, that one of my first posts would be for a breakfast recipe. This recipe is near and dear to my heart. Not only because these pancakes are so easy and practical – they can be put into your fridge … Read more

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